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ML Talent Agency- Do we only use Facebook now? How to get more work as a Film Extra in Toronto-

Good morning everyone!!

It has come to my attention that some of you have been wondering if ML Talent Agency is only booking talent off Facebook?

To answer your question NO I am not only booking talent strictly from Facebook.

I am using Facebook as a tool.  A wonderful tool!  Please note that ML Talent posts less than 5% of the bookings received by the agency on Facebook.  I still contact talent directly via email and text messages which has been the case for many years.  Please note because we use our Database more than any other tool, it is emailed based. Facebook has become a very valuable tool that we will continue to use but is not the only means of how we book our talent.

SOME TIPS on getting more bookings as a film extra:

  1. Follow us on facebook and like our posts on Facebook

  2. Check your email frequently.

  3. Follow us on Twitter. @mltalent

  4. Email in your availability to

  5. Come in and update your photos and sizes ( we take your photos at the office ) so our database is even more of an accurate tool for the Casting directors and Producers who use it to book film and television extras.

  6. Click like ( the heart) below in the blog section on the ML Talent website.


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