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What about Tax time & T4s?

  • When a T4 arrives at our office we will contact you via email if one is actually sent to the agency. 
  • ML Talent Agency acts only as your agent, not your employer.  We act as a broker between you and the production company.  
  • The production company employs your services as an independent contractor, therefore you are responsible for remitting your own taxes.   They are the ones you get a T4 from not us.
  • If your T4s are being sent to the agency, you need to pick them up in person as we are unable to mail them due to the large volume. 
  • It is your responsibility to keep track of your earnings. The agency does not keep records of each talent's earnings.  
  • If you are missing a T4 you need to contact the production company that employed you.  This may help     
  • Or you can contact EP Canada  416-923-9255 you will be required to give them your SIN # they can also help you.


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