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Below is a sampling of previous jobs that my performers have done as extras.  We have done thousands of these types of jobs over the years.  


Here is a commercial we did for Team Canada called Be Olympic.



Fox and the Fiddle Print Ad done this year!  Everyone looks amazing! Way to go ML Talent team!

fox 4.jpg
This is what working with ML Talent can look like! Join today!

This is what working with ML Talent can look like! Join today!


A clip of many ML Talent performers from last nights episode of the Hit Series Designated Survivor!  April 5 2017

GQ Magazine April 2017 edition! Print Ad done by ML Talent Agency -Schick Razor promoting their Xtreme3 product.  


Take a look at Christopher Shannon.  He is an extra on Ransom below and super featured! Great work Chris!   This is what being an extra can look like with ML Talent Agency!


This could be you!  

TSN- Tim Horton's spot!  Great job guys!  2 photos below.

Here is the Centennial College Print Ad done by ML Talent peformers! 


Sealy Mattress Commercial! Great job guys! 


We recently did this job for Mothers Against Drinking and Driving. MADD. Great job guys!


FOR THOSE who worked on the TSN job! Here it is live! Nice job guys!


GREAT JOB for all my talent who worked on the Ontario Tourism Commercial!  Check it out!



ML Talent agency has done hundreds of Print ads.  




Another print ad by ML TALENT!  Great job! FORD!


Being an extra can be more than just being a blur in the background!  Take a look at Elizabeth Esson and Chanelle Larocque on the ML Talent roster, super featured! You girls look great!

ML Talent agency did Tim Horton's!  A Big thank you to all of my talent for such an amazing job!! 


We also do music videos!  Great job guys!

101 Dimensions' is the official video release for JFM's latest collection of tracks, 'Moult,' published by Rome Italy's Concrete Records.

Artist: JFM -

Song: 101 Dimensions

Brand: Scion Sessions

Production: Blue Ant Media

JFM is the moniker of sound and visual artist Jesse F Matthews' work producing freestyle electronic music using a basic hardware. Thieving sounds from borrowed gear and broken records, then assembling those disparate pieces like a handmade collage.

Spring of 2013 saw the release of JFM's s/t debut LP on Divorce Records, followed by the 'Squat' cassette on Pleasence Records released March 2014.




This model is in affect for Full ACTRA, Apprentice.

Also those Non union/ AABP talent that have accidentally sent their cheques to their home instead of the office.

Please read below:

We have now integrated our accounting system to be directly linked with the ML Talent database.

What this means is, any talent owing more than 2 outstanding commissions at one time, will automatically be made inactive on our database. You will not be visible in searches to the bookers. casting and will not receive work.

Please ensure that your commissions are always paid promptly to avoid being inactive. If there are delays in your payments please contact to discuss.

We apprecaite your business.



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