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How To Get Started? What is the registration fee?

Getting started as an extra is very easy!

  1. Register. - Online registration is preferred. However if you wish to register in person that is also accepted.

  2. Complete your profile (Including in office digital pictures included in Registration fee)

  3. Upload photos ASAP with the link sent to you in your welcome email. If you do not have photos you will not be called for work.

  4. Respond quickly to bookings with your availability.

  5. Once confirmed, wait for your call times the day before the shoot. These call times will be emailed to you.

  6. Pay your commissions once you get paid.

  • In person Registration:

    • Come to the office during Office hours (no appointment necessary.)

    • It is standard in the industry for Non Union talent/ AABP to pay a REGISTRATION FEE: Our fee is $100.00 plus HST ($113.00). This is a yearly, non refundable fee and is required upfront at the time of registration. (We take credit cards & debit - we do not accept cash.)

    • Pictures will be taken in the office and entered in the Database. (FREE )

    • If you register online a link will be provided to you to upload as many photos as you like into our database directly.

  • Online Registration:

When you come into the office come looking your best as a digital photo will be taken upon arrival.  It is very important for you to know all of your sizes before coming into the office to register.  All sizes should be in feet and inches only ( Canadian sizing ) 

Can I make changes to my profile?

You do not have access to make changes on your profile, but you do have access to add more photos to your profile.

How do I add more photos?

  • When you registered you got an email from the Agency. Do a search for the email and look for Registration Confirmation from ML Talent. Inside that email was a link that said Click here to upload photos now use that link to add more photos. If you cannot find this link, email your photos to and we will do it for you.


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What ages and looks does ML Talent represent?

We represent Union actors , AABP and Non union Talent.  Men & woman of all ethnicities, looks and ages are welcome. Age range:  Babies to 100 plus.   

Children 17 years of age and younger, registration is FREE.  When registering  as a minor on our site click the submit button after your profile has been created to by pass the payment section.  ( Free registration is only for 17 years of age and younger ) Do not forget to upload your photos ASAP in order to be called for work.

When do I get my Call Times? What do I do the night before a shoot?

  • We provide call times to you within minutes of us receiving them. They typically come in after 9pm the night before your shoot.

  • We don't have call times or locations at the time of booking, only the night before the shoot... unfortunately sometimes as late as 11pm or later.

  • The duration of the shoots can vary significantly, do not make any commitments on the day of the shoot.

  • Once you received your call times, which will arrive to your email, please respond with "Confirmed and your first and last name".

  • If you are working the next day and have not received your information by 11:30pm, send us an email to with the word "PROBLEM " in the subject bar and your issue.


What do I do on the day of the Shoot?

  • Arrive on Time! Please give us a heads up if you are going to be late... but don't be late! (Or a late fee will be charged $20 plus hst.)

  • Once on set, look for the "Extras Holding" area and sign in.

  • Let the sign in person know that your agency is ML Talent Agency. They will give you a white slip to fill out. You must provide the Agency's address. Please enter: "70 Hounslow Heath Road, Unit 1, Toronto, Ontario, M6N 1G8"

  • Put your name on the white slip but our address.

  • Do not forget to input your SIN number on your white slip

  • Bring photocopies of your working papers with you to each new set. ( only if applicable)

  • Bring a photo copy of your Workplace Saftey Certificate.

  • A $10 admin fee will be charged if the Agency's address is not entered.

  • All shows require you to bring 2 documents to prove residency. Two of the following will be acceptable:  a bill in your name, tax receipt or a driver's License.

  • Bring a HARD copy of  your Health and Safety Certificate. Take this mandatory course to get your certificate.

  • Make sure you fill out a residency form at least once on every set.  If you have working papers please bring a copy of your papers with you to every set.


What about Commission? How much? When, Where, How?


  • All Commissions are calculated on gross earnings / gross labour not off the net.

  • Commissions are subject to 13% HST as per the CRA.

  • We do not accept cash, we accept VISA, MasterCard and Debit. As of Jan 2016 we no longer accept personal cheques or email money transfers. If you do not own a credit card or a visa debit card then contact Melissa to make payment arrangments.

  • Cancellations must be made more than 24 hours before your work day or a $20 plus hst cancellation fee will be charged. Repeated Cancellations regardless of notice will result in deactivation.

  • $20 plus hst Late fee is also charged if you are late to set and the agency receives a complaint.

  • $35 NSF/Returned cheques will be charged.

  • You may be paid extra for travel time, mileage, cars, dogs, tuxedos, gowns, bicycles..etc this additional payment is subject to commission.

  • If you are owing commissions we are unable to book you until your account is current.

  • RATE OF PAY: Non Union talent / AABP - $14.00 per hour with an 8 hour minimum ( if you work less than 8 hours are you are still paid for 8 hours) They deduct one hour off for your lunch.  ACTRA members- Rates are subject to the Actra IPA hourly wage.  Approx $27.50 per hour, with an 8 hour minimum. Stand In rate is $29.00. Special skill rate is $36.75

  • We do not deduct the commission from your cheque.  When you come to the office to pick up a cheque be prepared to pay the commission owing on the job.  Please read below for our payment procedures:

  • Cheques take 14 business days not including weekends or holidays to arrive into the office. When they arrive we will notify you by email. Thanks


This model is in affect for Full ACTRA, Apprentice.

Also those Non union/ AABP talent that have accidentally sent their cheques to their home instead of the office.

Please read below:

We have now integrated our accounting system to be directly linked with the ML Talent database.

What this means is, any talent owing more than 2 outstanding commissions at one time, will automatically be made inactive on our database. You will not be visible in searches to the bookers. casting and will not receive work.

Please ensure that your commissions are always paid promptly to avoid being inactive. If there are delays in your payments please contact to discuss.



  1. Take a picture of your paperwork with your smartphone / scanner and attach it to an email.

  2. Please email your blue or pink vouchers as well as the white paperwork that the cheque is attached too.  We need all copies so we can see the breakdowns and if fittings have been included etc.  Make sure the vouchers are clear and have the gross amounts written clearly on them.  Email your paperwork to  In the subject bar in Capitals write. EMAIL ME AN INVOICE.

  3. Wait for us to email you an invoice - do not send us payment until you receive an invoice from us.

  4. When you receive the invoice click on view invoice and refer to the top right hand corner to make your payment online with a credit card or your visa debit card. Be sure to click save payment method to pay faster next time.  Two clicks from the comfort of your home.

  5. Once you have made a payment you will receive a receipt confirming your payment.



  1. When a cheque arrives in the office you will be notified via email with an invoice that the cheque is in.

  2. The payment is due upon receipt of the invoice.  You have a week to pay this invoice, either in person or online otherwise a late fee will be applied.

  3. To make your payment online, click  view invoice and refer to the top right hand corner to make your payment via credit card or Visa debit card.  .Be sure to click save payment method to pay faster next time.

  4. Once you have made a payment you will  receive a receipt confirming your payment.

  5. Come into the office to pick up your cheque. Tues, Wed or Thurs 12 noon to 5pm.


  • When you use a credit card you do not incur any fees like you do with an email money transfer.

  • You can also collect points by using your credit card which is a benefit to you.

  • From our end if you use the online payment system, the system automatically attaches the payment to your invoice. You get a receipt immediately which is helpful when doing your taxes, and they system automatically and instantly marks you as paid. With any other method of payment, we manually attach your payment to your invoice which takes time and effort and leaves room for error.

ACTRA Members:

Cheques sent to Union Members directly are due upon your receipt of them or a 15% late fee will apply. ( A late payment is a payment that is later than 16 business days from the day you worked. )

When coming to the office to pay commissions you must also bring a copy of your pay stub and or blue or pink voucher.

Full ACTRA: 

  • 10% for Regular Background performance

  • 15% for Commercials and upgrades, stunts

  • 20% Print

Apprentice / Yellow vouchers

  • 15% For all jobs

  • 20% Print

AABP & Non-Union

  • 10% for Regular Background performance

  • 15% for Commercials and upgrades, stunts

  • 20% Print

  • Most cheques will be sent to the office with in 14 business days of your work day.

  • You will be notified by email as soon as it arrives

  • Please note if a production sends ML Talent one large cheque for all talent who worked on their show, a fee of $1.50 per cheque will be added for processing.

 If you are unable to come into the office to collect your cheque please contact Karolina in our payment department at for additional payment methods. Thank you.


What about Tax time & T4s?

  • When your T4 arrives at our office we will email you that it has arrived.

  • ML Talent Agency acts only as your agent, not your employer. We act as a broker between you and the production company.

  • The production company employs your services as an independent contractor, therefore you are responsible for remitting your own taxes.

  • If your T4s are being sent to the agency, you need to pick them up in person as we are unable to mail them due to the large volume.

  • It is your responsibility to keep track of your earnings. The agency does not keep records of each talent's earnings.

  • If you are missing a T4 you need to contact the production company that employed you. This may help


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